A Place of Peace and Love

A Place of Peace and LoveOne of the unusual things we do at the center is to work with community service people – women, especially pregnant women, who have been court mandated to volunteer so many hours to work off their offense.   Mandy came to us to work off her fighting offense.  When she first came to the center, her head was down and there was no eye contact and she appeared ashamed and very introverted – not engaging in conversation.  Within a few weeks, her countenance, expressions and interactions with others dramatically changed.  When her community service time was completed, she literally wept.  She came to my office thanking me for the opportunity to be here as it changed her life.  On her exit interview, she stated that the PRCG showed me that there are still great people in this world who look after others in need with the grace of God.  She also stated that by looking at the great examples of the volunteers at the center, she wanted to change her life and to be faithful to God, and His son, Jesus Christ.  She asked for prayer, too, before she left.

It wasn’t long before we had another community service young lady.  This one was a Muslim.  We shared the Truth in love about the only living and sovereign God.  She listened to the Message of Jesus Christ – and a seed was planted.  When it was time for her to leave, she, too, wept and thanked us for the privilege to learn and grow and change while at the center.  She also asked for prayer before she left.  She expressed a desire to return as she said the PRCG was a place of peace and love, something she had never before experienced.