A Story of Empowerment

This story is from Sharyn, our Empowered Director. Along with her team of educators, Sharyn visits local middle and high schools in Gwinnett County to teach about healthy relationships and discovering one’s purpose. She also recently began meeting with patients at the Clinic, too!

I love speaking to youth and young adults about healthy relationships and helping them to understand their purpose in life! I’ve been motivating young people for the past 20 years and have had the wonderful opportunity to see negative mindsets change for the better.

When I step into a classroom, I open with one question: “On average, how long does a relationship in high school usually last?” It never fails in all the years I’ve been speaking. The answer is always, “Anywhere from two weeks to two months, Ms. Sharyn!” And they’re absolutely right.

My next question follows. “If you know that on average a relationship in high school lasts anywhere from two weeks to two months, then why are you doing permanent things with temporary people?” I hear responses such as, “Whoa Ms. Sharyn, I never thought of it like that!” or “Wow! That’s deep!” or “That’s a good question.” And so the teaching begins, healing takes place and purpose unfolds, right there in a classroom.

Just recently, we launched a program at the Clinic for our STD testing/treatment patients. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a number of patients and as of this month, there are three individuals who have committed to participating in our 8-week life skills curriculum. One young woman recently commented: “This is the first clinic I’ve ever been to that offered life skills.”

I am thrilled that we are offering life skills curriculum to the community and I look forward to reaching more young people through Obria and our Empowered program.