The Walk for Obria is the perfect opportunity for your church or small groups to become involved with Obria Medical Clinics Gwinnett and to help save lives. Please consider getting as many participants from your church as you can! 

Will you be the church that helps save the most lives?

Here's How It Works

  1. Create a team for your Church!
  2. Have Members of Your Church Register as a participant in the Walk for Obria. 
  3. Get your church excited about this event! Each person from your church who chooses to walk must register online as a participant.
  4. Promote this fundraiser to your congregation and throughout the community!
  5. Sponsors may donate toward the fundraiser on your online fundraising page that will be created once you register as a participant. You can also distribute this printable pledge letter to potential sponsors.
  6. Walk with us on Saturday, September 16 to help save LIVES!