Full Circle

We recently received a donation of materials from Franky’s Real Auto in Norcross. Gabriel Franky and his fiancé, Carla, dropped off the items at the Clinic, all of which were donated by their customers. Franky’s Real Auto hosted a drive campaign to benefit children in the community and they chose for Obria to be a recipient of the materials. For Carla, Obria is personal.

Carla shared that five years ago, she had visited Obria when she was pregnant. She had a very positive experience and appreciated our staff and volunteers meeting her with encouragement and support. She even remembered receiving the handmade booties for her baby and being prayed for by our team. She now parents her 5-year-old daughter and her story has come full circle.

Her positive experience at Obria had a lasting impact and she is thrilled to be able to give back. Thank you, Gabriel, Carla, and Franky’s Real Auto!