“God is my strength.”

A patient recently visited us for a pregnancy test and she was considering abortion because she was already a single mother to her young son, had no family or support system, and worked a grueling 60-70 hours a week. Additionally, her partner was recently incarcerated and would not be on hand to help raise the baby. She was feeling pressure from his mother to abort the baby and she felt like it was her only option.

Upon visiting our Clinic, she first met with one of our Patient Care Advocates. Early in the appointment, she discussed her faith and she recommitted her life to Christ.

During the medical portion of the appointment, she learned about all options- parenting, adoption, and abortion- and the process of having an abortion. Our nurse also showed her a video of her baby’s development.

Later in the appointment, she shared she knew she could not go through with an abortion and despite her circumstances and the pressure to abort, she wanted to parent the baby. She said she knew in her heart that was the right decision and she remarked that, “I know God is my strength.”

Her Patient Care Advocate encouraged her to find a church home that would also serve as a support system. She was eager to make plans to attend church and in her words, she was ready to “get right with God.”

Several weeks later, she returned to the Clinic for an ultrasound. During her ultrasound, she told our sonographer that once she saw the development video during her pregnancy consultation, she knew she could not have an abortion.

We thank God for stirring in the heart of this young woman and we continue to pray that she will know God is her strength no matter her circumstances.