It’s a BOY!

A few months ago we had a patient contact us about our Abortion Pill Reversal service. Our medical staff quickly brought her in for an ultrasound exam and determined her baby was still alive. We immediately started her on the reversal protocol and scheduled her to come in regularly for her exams until she was out of the “danger zone”. After several weeks of being seen by us and her pregnancy progressing well, we referred her on to long term OB/GYN care.

This past week we received the news that her baby is a boy and all is going well with the pregnancy! The father of the baby has even chosen to be involved in the child’s life; which is a huge turnaround from before when he was encouraging the abortion. What a great and joyous update to receive!
This story touches our hearts as we prepare for Christmas and are reminded of a precious life that was gifted to the world 2000 years ago!

Please continue to pray for this mom and her precious little boy! We couldn’t provide the care and services that changed her life and saved her sons life without your help. Thank you!

If you would like to make a tax- deductible donation and help more women like you read above, please follow the link provided. Merry Christmas!