Something Special

Sonya* found herself in an unexpected pregnancy and intended to have an abortion. She visited an abortion clinic, received the abortion pills, and had taken both sets of the pills. She experienced bleeding and thought she had successfully aborted her baby.

Two weeks later, she took a pregnancy test at the recommendation of the abortion clinic. When the test was positive, the abortion clinic told her not to worry because her hormones were still adjusting after the abortion.

They asked her to retest again in one week and upon taking that test, it was still positive. That same day, Sonya visited Obria for another pregnancy test.

In addition to the pregnancy test, Sonya also had an ultrasound at our clinic. The ultrasound showed a healthy 13-week baby in her womb!

Sonya was shocked and shared more about her circumstances. Raised Muslim, her mother disapproved of her pregnancy. She had dropped out of school after the 8th grade and now she found herself without an education, single, and pregnant. We provided her with information about the Gwinnett County Public Library’s GED program as well as PCs for People, which provides computers to people living below the poverty level.

Sonya immediately signed up for our Thrive program and was connected with a Client Care Advocate who has a particular passion and heart for mentoring young, single women who are facing unexpected pregnancies.

Angela, our Patient Care Manager, took the opportunity to tell Sonya that as a Christian organization, Obria believes that all life comes from God and that God has a purpose for every life. She told Sonya, “The fact that your baby is still here says to me that God really has something special for this child.”

*The name of this patient has been changed to protect her identity.