“There’s the heartbeat.”

A patient recently visited the clinic and was very abortion-minded, yet closed to conversation. Many years ago, she chose to have an abortion and was determined in her decision of abortion for this pregnancy. The father of the baby was in favor of abortion as well.

At her recent appointment, she decided to stay for a scheduled ultrasound, despite being late for work. She was thought to be 8.5 weeks along but upon receiving the ultrasound, it was apparent that she was much further along in her pregnancy. As she watched the monitor and saw the baby, her entire demeanor changed and she began to smile. As her nurse was getting the measurements, the patient spoke up and said, “There’s the heartbeat.”

When she was told she was nearly 12 weeks along she said, “We need to talk about this,” referring to the father of the baby. She smiled for the rest of the ultrasound and accepted a baby gift at the end of the appointment.

We encouraged her to bring the father of the baby back with her for a follow up ultrasound. She was smiling as she left the clinic and we thank God for stirring in her heart during the ultrasound!