A few weeks ago, there was a walk-in appointment and the woman wanted to get an abortion. We told her about our services and how we do not perform abortions at Obria. She agreed to stay for the appointment and began her paperwork.

She stopped working on the paperwork and told us that she didn’t want to pay for an ultrasound twice because she knew the abortion clinic would have her pay for one as well. She ended up leaving Obria.

Several days later, the patient walked back in our clinic. She had been to the abortion clinic that morning. They did an ultrasound and said, “there are two in there.” She said that she knew she couldn’t go through with the abortion then and left the clinic. When she left, she came back to Obria and we offered her a free ultrasound.

In her decision guide, she still listed abortion as her first option. She didn’t want to receive any abortion information, though. She had previous abortions and has older children. She has a medical history and was concerned about pregnancy risks. She felt like it was too much to handle and upon learning she’s pregnant with twins, she didn’t know what to do. We discussed the option of adoption and she was given a referral to an adoption agency.

During her appointment, her entire demeanor changed and she became open to everything we shared with her. She received the ultrasound and again, she saw two babies.

She left smiling, hugging the staff, and with multiple baby gifts from her appointments. We are so thankful that she returned to Obria after visiting the abortion clinic.