Unplanned to salvation!


A few weeks ago, Cara came to Obria for a Pregnancy Verification and Ultrasound appointment. She had a young son and wasn’t interested in parenting another child. She met with our Patient Care Advocate, Julie, for quite some time. Julie was able to share the gospel with her, and the patient asked to pray for salvation with Julie.

Cara still wasn’t sure what she would do about her pregnancy, but she was going to start reading the Bible given to her and pray for direction. When her ultrasound was performed, she had an empty uterus and no indication of pregnancy. The medical team advised Cara to return in two weeks for another ultrasound.

She returned and it was confirmed that she’d had a miscarriage. Again, Julie was able to come alongside Cara who was upset about the loss of her baby.  Cara had been praying and God had given her peace to continue the pregnancy and trust that He had a plan for her.

After leaving the clinic, Cara reached out to a Christian friend who took her and her son to church. They’ve been every week since! Cara fully believes that the Lord used her unexpected pregnancy to bring her to us so that we could introduce her to her Savior. Cara is now going to raise her son to know the gospel and, while she grew up in a very strict church environment, she never knew she could have a personal relationship with Christ until she came here. 

Please note, names have been changed to protect the patient’s privacy.