Pediatric Care

The Need for Pediatric Care

According to, there are 26,563 uninsured children and youth under the age of 18, living in Gwinnett, who need a low-cost alternative to healthcare. On average, there are 380 children in foster care in Gwinnett needing free and low-cost medical care. By providing pediatric care, we wil be able to provide parenting education all the way through the teen years with a faith-based framework.

The Need for a Maternity Home

Homelessness exacerbates our maternal mortality rate. Infants born to homeless mothers are more likely to have lower birth weights, longer hospital stays, receive neonatal intensive care, and have a higher likelihood of birth defects caused specifically by poor nutrition/diet during the first trimester. A maternity home for our patients will enable us to not only provide housing for her while she Is pregnant but up to 18 months, giving her the resources she needs to get back on her feet and Into stable housing.

A Maternity Home
Mental Health

The Need for Mental & Behavioral Health

Maternal mental health has become a crisis. One in seven women will experience postpartum depression and women of color are five times more likely to experience postpartum depression. One in ten women will experience postpartum anxiety and 80% feel anxious and depressed after birth. Most never seek help.

The Need for a Fatherhood Program

Research shows that strong father-child relationships have a profound impact on everything from child educational outcomes to drug use and criminal activity. Children with involved, responsible, and committed fathers are less prone to depression and statistically more likely to be healthier than children who grow up without their fathers in their lives. Obria will provide male mentors along with a faith-based curriculum for Its dads.

Fatherhood Program
Sports Physicals

The Need for Sports Physicals

There are over 67,000 high school students enrolled in Gwinnett public and private schools. According to the CDC, 55.6% of students aged 12 – 17 years old are involved in sports. This translates into approximately 37,000 students who need sports physicals, many of whom cannot afford the physical thereby restricting them from playing sports. Sports physicals provides another touch point in the lives of the youth of Gwinnett county.